In Loving Memory of Eva Saulitis

In Loving Memory of Eva Saulitis

In loving memory of my Aunt, Eva Saulitis, here is an original piano composition I have titled: “Transience.”

After a long and valiant battle with metastatic breast cancer during which she eloquently shared her intimate journey through CaringBridge, and a personal blog, Eva left her body with grace and dignity today, leaving the world enriched with her writings, her love and caring for the environment and all her fellow human beings.

My father commented that:  “[this piece] feels like it takes us through the struggle, the battle, the peace, the wisdom about what matters in life and the tranquil moments that appear from time-to-time as one lives and dies with metastatic breast cancer”

Find out more about the legacy that Eva left us, this remarkable writer, poet, scientist, and most of all . . . human being at: Eva Saulitis Blog

I hope you all will do everything within your power to support finding a cure for cancer. We have lost so many wonderful contributing beings to this terrible disease.

Rest in peace Aunt Eva, you are loved by so many and will be greatly missed by all you have touched.

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